Anima Negra "Quiba" Blanco

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Quibia gets its name from a aspirational worry-free state of mind. The wine is the brainchild of Miquelangel Cerda and his partner, Pere Obrador celebrating the versitility of the indigenous red grape, Callet, which is the common thread through all their wines. The Callet lends texture and tartness. The Premsal adds roundness while Giro Ros gives the backbone of acidity. The three grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks followed by 4 months of lees aging. The influence of the Mediterranean sea gives this wine its salinity.

Grapes are chilled in cold storage upon arrival to the winery. Dry ice is used in order to prevent oxidation. The Premsal is cold-macerated for over 10 hours in a carbonic atmosphere at 12ºC. The Callet (red grape) macerates for 2-3 hours. After pressing, racking takes place in temperature controlled tanks followed by fermentation at 17ºC. The winery uses only native yeast from their vineyards to strengthen the character of the wine giving a clear voice the indigenous varieties from Mallorca.  

The color is an enticing straw-lemon in color with greenish highlights. Quíbia has aromas of white peach, pear, sea brine and jasmine. On the palate the wine is weighty with silky olive oil texture and concentrated flavors of ripe peach, Anjou pear and capers. Crisp, lively and well balanced.