Baron de Ley Finca Museum 2017

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Notes from the Winemaker

ELABORATION AND AGEING: After manual picking into crates and sorting on the selection table, grapes were de-stalked and transferred to the 15,000 kg stainless steel vats. It was fermented at 29ºC. Temperature control, analysis, pumping over and tasting on a daily basis, the moment to de-vat the wine was decided, which took place after 21 days in order to achieve the maximum extraction of flavor and color, preparing the wine like this for its long, nurtured ageing process (crianza). 22 months in new French barrels with frequent racking and refilling, optimum hygiene conditions, temperature and moisture, without shaking, performed in silence, conferring this wine a complexity, roundness and harmony making it different. After bottling, the wine was left to age further in our bottle cellars for another 15 months under controlled temperature and humidity conditions until the moment it was labelled.