Kikusui Funaguchi Jukusei

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Class: Ginjo, Nama, Genshu, Aged

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

Rice-Polishing Ratio: 55%

Brewery Location: Niigata

Food Pairings: Richly Seasoned Foods, such as Unagi Kabayaki and Braised Pork

Tasting Notes: Tempted by the irresistible notion that their flagship canned "Funaguchi" sake would be delicious if aged, Kikusui’s development team pooled their efforts and created this Aged Unpasteurized Sake!
As time passes in the cold Kikusui cellars, the active enzymes in the sake elevate the already present richness to new levels - the little red can has a hard time holding all the flavor in! Boasting 19% ABV, gorgeous floral aromatics, strong flavor and personality, this full-bodied sake is great at dinnertime or cocktail hour. For fun times and comfortable afternoons.

Size: Can 200ml