Lapostolle "Le Rouge" Red Blend

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Our Lapostolle Le Rouge represents the heart of Lapostolle: The French winemaking and blending expertise and the Chilean Terroir.

The 2014 growing season is characterized by a spring with low temperatures and a summer with normal hot and dry conditions.  The 2013 winter was exceptionally cold and dry and bud break was 10 days late followed by dry weather over the springtime. Finally March brought normal conditions, but the fall came with an April of low temperatures. The grape lost  its vegetal flavors early and was technically ready to make wine, but we had to wait for the aromatic and phenolic ripeness. The ripening went slow, because of the normal fall characteristics: lower temperatures, shorter days.

Our key points are 100% hand harvesting, strict fruit selection by 100% use of optical state of the art grape selection, Vistalys. All fermentations were made with wild yeast in stainless steel tanks. 

100% of the blend was aged for 12 months in a mix of new (23%), second (46%) and third use French oak barrels (31%). The wine was clarified and a very light filtration was done previous bottling.