Maneki Wanko Lucky Dog Pouch Sake

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Maneki Wanko “Lucky Dog” is a playful, fun sake brewed in what is widely considered to be the historical heartland of sake, Hyogo Prefecture. The area is famed for Miyamizu, an excellent mineral rich water for sake making. In line with the prefectural style, you will find this deceivingly easy to drink sake slightly soft and light, neither sweet nor too dry, yet with plenty of flavor and character.

The name Maneki Wanko derives from a play on words of Maneki Neko, or “Lucky Cats”; Wanko (Wan = Bark; Ko = Cute Suffix) referring to dogs. While an unusual format in the US, the sake juice box is very common in Japan for those eager to sip delicious nihonshu while taking a stroll in a park or public place.