Sailors Grave Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

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Michael Pozzan and Richard Bruno, of Michael Possan Wines, are the minds behind Sailor's Grave. Highly respected in the world of wine, Michael has dedicated himself to producing high-quality Napa and Sonoma Valley wines in the Italian style of his heritage: wines of rich fruit, excellent character and exceptional value. Richard Bruno decided to put a semiprofessional soccer career on hold in order to pursue his own passionate interest in wine. A well-played career move, Bruno now has 20 years of successful winemaking endeavors under his belt. Together, they have produced this intensely evocative Napa Valley blend. With a small case production of 900, 2010 was the first vintage.

Sailor's Grave is an ode to Michael's late grandfather who was an ex first officer in the Merchant Marines, a former staff member of the Sailor's Union in Oakland, CA in the late 1940's and a tattoo enthusiast. "Sailor's Grave" was a common tattoo around that time for seamen depicting a ship sinking below the image of an Eagle with the American flag. The label incorporates his own tattoos as well as his initials "BP" and his birth and death dates in roman numerals on his arms. The nurses represent "The Rose of No Man's Land" an ode to nurses that help the wounded on the battlefield during WWII and represent life and death on an open and unforgiving sea.