Shaya Arrindo Verdejo

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Notes from the Winemaker 

Shaya Arindo is an exceptional white wine originating from the Rueda region of Spain. This wine showcases the indigenous Verdejo grape, which imparts vibrant aromatics and refreshing characteristics. It greets the senses with a captivating bouquet of tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, layered with notes of citrus and delicate floral undertones. On the palate, it is medium-bodied and beautifully balanced, offering a lively acidity that complements the tropical fruit flavors and a touch of minerality, leading to a crisp, lingering finish. The Shaya Arindo, with its expressive fruit profile, refreshing nature, and versatility, is an excellent choice for pairing with seafood, salads, or to be enjoyed on its own as a delightful aperitif.