At In the Cru, our growth is fueled, oddly enough, by thinking small. 

Our mission is simple: Bring you the richest wines from the small vineyards, the ones often overlooked by the major retailers and distributors. We don’t care about the packaging on the outside of the bottle as much as the quality of wine on the inside. And our purpose is to bring that to your table. 

In building my dream, I was inspired by the hard-working women in my family who were successful not because of who they knew, but because of their own work ethic, determination, and love for our callings. For me, that calling was wine. 

All my life, I’ve worked in hospitality, for restaurants, caterers, or hotels, learning all I could about wine and becoming a certified sommelier. But there came a time when I no longer wanted to work for somebody else; I wanted to work for me. I had to work for me. 

That is why two years ago, I started In the Cru to bring the world’s finest wines to people who appreciate the nuances of the richest flavors, so many of which don’t come from the mega-distributors, but from family businesses as dedicated to quality as we are. 

So raise a glass with us. To the small vineyards. To finding hidden treasures. To the woman entrepreneurs, and to the girls they inspire. To the thrill of searching the world for the best wines, and to the pride of bringing them to your table. 


  • Elizabeth