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Armorica Sauvignon Blanc 2020

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Notes from the Winemaker

Armorica, the mythical land that the Romans called modern-day Brittany, was first
planted to grape vines around 2000 years ago. With the conquest of Gaul by Julius
Caesar, the Romans moved swiftly to plant vineyards all over France, including
in areas considered today to be too cold for wine production, such as Normandy
and Brittany. These vineyards supported the Roman soldier (who was due a daily
ration of wine) and the settlements they left behind to keep the peace. With climate
change, vines are again creeping back north into the heart of ancient Armorica.
Armorica was, and still is, a surreal place. Waves crashing on massive pink granite
boulders, dense forests full of Arthurian legend, and Celtic burial sites (looking
like mini Stonehenges) dot the landscape. The southern historical edge of this wild
and gorgeous region is the western end of the Loire river, and more specifically,
the sloped vineyards of Muscadet. 2,000 years ago, Muscadet represented the
southern boundary of Brittany, and fortified castles such as the Chateau de Clisson
stood guard against invaders from the south.

We created Armorica as an homage to this wild, raw, and beautiful region. Based
on the dry and crisp whites wines that are chilled on the beach during the Breton
summers, Armorica is a seaside wine that combines the minerality and saline
qualities of the Atlantic with the florality of Brittany’s wildflower meadows. It grows
on the volcanic soil of southern historical Brittany in the middle of Muscadet, and
as such, is a low alcohol, zero sugar white wine of delicious crispness and verve.

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