Coltibuono "Cetamura" Chianti DOCG

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Badia a Coltibuono developed Cetamura (pronounced chay-ta-MOO-ra) in the late 1980s to apply the know-how developed in the production of the estate wines to the goal of producing an excellent value wine. The goal was, and still is, to show the true character, quality, and style of Tuscany in an elegant, drinkable, and food-friendly form. The Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti is a young and fresh Sangiovese for every day. The Cetamura name comes from a hamlet on the Badia a Coltibuono estate where archeologists have excavated remains of a medieval fort, an earlier Roman villa, and an even earlier Estruscan town. Finds at Cetamura include evidence of viticulture more than 2,000 years old.